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Thread: Query not working.

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    Query not working.

    ok... i'm not sure where the problem is here...

    $start is equal to the number of rows in the blog table (this is working and its 1)
    $display = 5 (the number of entries i want per page this is for pagination)
    USERID = 1 (this is a constant set by an included page thats all i need to tell you)

    PHP Code:
    $query "SELECT name, blog_id FROM blog ORDER BY blog_id DESC LIMIT $start$display WHERE author_id=" USERID;
    $result mysql_query($query);

    '<form action="comm_handle.php" method="post"><table>';

    if (
    $result) {
    //Do something
    } else {
    'You Currently Have no blogs.';

    THe error message "You Currently Have no blog" keeps being displayed...but there is data in the database >.<

    My database currently looks like this.

    In the 'blog' table there is 1 row:
    blog_id: 1
    name: Almost Finished!
    content: some content is here.
    author_id : 1
    posted_on: the date it was posted.

    the point of the page i was building was to display all blog titles and under them all the comments stored for the blogs.

    so inside the if($result) { condition if have

    PHP Code:
    if (mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {
    // fetch and display results
    } else {
    // display a different error than the one im getting

    If i remove the first condition if($result)
    then i get this error message (not one i programmed)

    mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
    what am i doing wrong?

    Twitter / The Human Conditions

    biznuge: "that doesn't grammatical sense..."

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    Do you ever connect to the database and supply login credentials?

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    yes i just didn't feel the need to post that.

    Twitter / The Human Conditions

    biznuge: "that doesn't grammatical sense..."

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    cause your query is malformed and in the wrong order perhaps ...
    PHP Code:
    $query "SELECT name, blog_id FROM blog WHERE author_id = " USERID " ORDER BY blog_id DESC LIMIT $start$display"
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    i found out the issue.

    one thank you simplistik the order was a problem.

    and 2nd i was using a foreach loop to pull out the info instead of a while loop.

    Now it's working.

    Thanks everyone.

    Twitter / The Human Conditions

    biznuge: "that doesn't grammatical sense..."

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