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Thread: PHP sockets tutorial

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    PHP sockets tutorial

    I want to know more about PHP sockets.

    Can this be used with flash to create multiplayer games?

    I couldn't find any good tutorial. I am using wampserver. So is there any help?

    I know PHP, but not much about sockets...

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    Yes it is possible to create multiplayer server with it. I am currently working on one and got the socket server running nice and smooth. There are many examples on the web, just google it. And notice, that its not worth to look for the simplest tutorial as i did, because some seemed to complicated. Spend an hour compiling some code yourselfe and soon you'l get the whole picture. If i remember correctly, there's even a tutorial in kirupa. Good luck.

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    Thank you.

    I have already read the Flash PHP xmlSocket in kirupa. I didn't understand while I started to read the testing part.

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    will the socket server run even if you are just renting a domain? the tutorial here in kirupa needs to run a .bat file. Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe you cannot run a .bat file if you are renting a domain.

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    Can we continuously run a script on a server? I am renting a domain hosting package. Or should i just use ruby on rails?
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