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Thread: Resize image inside movie clip proportionally without losing quality Actionscript 3.

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    Resize image inside movie clip proportionally without losing quality Actionscript 3.

    Hey y'all, I've made a slide show and I've been successful so far. However, I'd like to add some thumbnails right below the original image (original size).

    Here are some specifications of the thumbnails:

    Size: 50 x 50 px.

    The image sources of the thumbnails and the original image are the same. Therefore, I'd like to resize only the movie clips for the thumbnails because the actual image file dimensions won't be changed.

    I tried simply setting the width and height of the movie clip to 50 but it lost quality and you get jagged lines in the image.

    Does anyone know a good algorithm to resize an image inside a movie clip proportionally and without losing quality?

    Btw, I'm using an XML files to store the images so you have to include the Loaders and stuff, what I really need to know is how to resize images without losing quality.

    Sorry, I just wanted to be detailed, .

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    after you load it you need to duplicate it with bitmapdata, and use the PixelSnapping to AUTO also.

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    You have any links?

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    Ver: dont you think somebody will write it for you, do you?
    If you really need smaller bitmap you can copy pixels from your "bitmapData"

    var thumBMD:BitmapData = new BitmapData(bitmapData.width>>>1,bitmapData.height> >>1);
    for (var y:uint = 0; y<(bitmapData.height>>>1); y++)
    for (var x:uint = 0; x<(bitmapData.width>>>1); x++)
    thumBMD.setPixel(x,y,bitmapData.getPixel(x<<1,y<<1 ));

    and add light blur filter

    but simpler way is to share same Bitmap data for thumbnails with big version and just set size for scale in thumbnails and set "myBitmap.smoothing" to true

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