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Thread: Vote for your Favorite Smilies!

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    Vote for your Favorite Smilies!

    Hi everyone,
    After several weeks of intense smiley creation and a week of judging, our judges (Jeff Wheeler, lunatic, travis, me) have narrowed down the 100+ entries into the five entries you see above!

    Voting will end on October 1st, so be sure to get your votes in on time. As always, be fair - don't spam your friends to just vote for your entry, etc.


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    Nice work guys. Kirupa when will we get to use all these new smiles?

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    Many of the ones that aren't in the above poll will be added soon (hopefully today )!

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    Can I vote?

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    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    Wow! Thanks to the judges for bringing mine into the top five I must say I'm shocked.

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    Awesome! Thank you very much for allowing me to be one of the top five! This contest was a lot of fun and their were a lot of really good smileys entered! Thanks guys!

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    Aww my rocket munching bear is a tiny celebrity!

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    I vote for the rocket munching nincumpoop!

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    Sweet! Thanks to the judges for bringing mine! That's awesome. And I totally agree with Gundark, that was a lot of fun, especially since I had never made a smiley before. Congrats to all the fellow smiley makers!

    - redelite -

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    woot. Go Yoda!

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    Voted over for the third one, pretty awesome expression. The fourth one was pretty good too!

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    I had the date for the last day of the poll wrong. It will be October 1st instead November 1st. I kinda got my months mixed up.

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    Thats grounds for a recount
    (Too many walls.)

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