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Thread: Please Help Me: Virus?

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    Please Help Me: Virus?

    Okay so I took out another book from the library and it says to download Dev-C++ I did that and it works just fine. But after playing around with a console project ThreatFire (my security program) says that there is a high malicious risk with a program called LD.EXE. This is a program that I think came along with Dev-C++. Should I get rid of Dev-C++, or should I allow this program to continue running?

    Quote from Appendix B of C++ for Dummies:


    -Turn off any anti-virus software that you may have running. Installers sometimes make your computer incorrectly believe that it is being infected by a virus. (turn the anti-virus software back on later.)
    Is this the file that they are telling me to let run because it really doesn't have a virus? Or should I kill this program and all of the Dev-C++ applications?

    Please, I really appreciate your help!
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    Dev-C++ for sure does not contain viruses. Google gave me nothing when I googled ls.exe. You can try Visual Studio Express (free) if you want to get rid of that warning.
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    Okay thanks. I was just really not sure. I Googled LD.EXE and all the results said that it was part of a Trojan. So I got really nervous. Thanks for clearing that up for me
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