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Thread: Any one played with Aviary?

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    Any one played with Aviary?

    Came across Aviary yesterday and it's really tugging me back to flash game dev instead of XNA...sigh.


    seems a little rough on the edges but neat, none the less.

    I already have a game concept I am going to fine tuen so this type of engine would be great.

    If you have played with it... tell me what you think. If you know of other similar engines, let me know as well.


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    How do you use their tools? Poor usability on the site. Can't find how to start!!!! Gave up after 20 seconds.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NeoDreamer View Post
    How do you use their tools? Poor usability on the site. Can't find how to start!!!! Gave up after 20 seconds.
    I know that feeling. Though, I don't think this site is that bad, microsoft and other big company sites are worse imo.

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    It is a closed beta, not any one can waltz up in there and start using all of there software, you have to sign up etc.

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    Hey guys, I currently have 3 invitations if anyone wants in. Just let me know

    The invitations are not full access to all programs, just two:

    Phoenix - an Image editor and Peacock - Computer algorithm-based pattern generator

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    Whilst that aviary thing does look pretty neat, i seriously can't think of any practical applications it could be used for. Looks awesome to play around with though, maybe playing with it will make actual uses pop into mind.
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