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Thread: Puzzle Game would like help art concept inside

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    Puzzle Game would like help art concept inside

    Hey all I have a game idea I would like to implement but have no idea where to begin programing wise. I have coded before, mainly a tank game, and a platformer. However, this idea is different. I have created concept art to better explain the game, they should be posted in this post. If you have any more questions please ask, and if you can help please do. Thanks

    Go here for rest of images

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    I think this is very similar to tetris. I've done it with java while back, but essentially what you need is a 2D array.

    In it, you keep some integer values to indicate several states... say
    0 for blank
    1 for yellow juicy
    2 for blue juicy
    3 the juicy eater
    4 Mr. F. Juicy...etc

    Obviously given the 2D array at any time, you will have only ONE slot with value 4 and few 3 and lots of the other ones...

    So given 10x10 array... that length ten indicates your game screen and render() simply draws based on that.

    As for logics... each time 'time passes' (enterframe?) you calculate each slot of the array for what's next to it... so if you come across black juicy.. you look 4 ways and see if it needs to 'bust'....etc.

    The order of what you are looking for may matter; if you want things to blow up before you have a chance to check if the juicy filled all the way to the top, then you have to check black juicy condition first.

    Anyway the game looks fun so best of luck!

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    Thanks misterooga for the compliment, and the help. Ill keep you posted on how the game creation goes, as well as post some code/ demos as I make progress. As for others who wish to help feel free.

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