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Thread: Flash Media Server can use for Multiplayer Online Game with Flash

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    Flash Media Server can use for Multiplayer Online Game with Flash

    Dear all,
    I'm so confuse about to develop the MMORPG game in flash.
    Is it really do with Media Server and Flash only?I have to develop multiplayer online game like as each player can move their avatar by using arrow keys.Is it really can be?
    ႈWhen I just googelling, I saw most of the foruim said MMORPG for xml socket server, but I can't find any tutorial with Media server.

    So can anyone help me to point the examples, or Links?Now I'm in dark with that problem.pls help me

    Thanks and Regards,

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    You can use any socket server at all. I don't know about Flash Media Server, but I worked on a multiplayer game last summer and used a Java socket server. You could probably find a Java one prewritten, or even write your own in your favorite language. Making an MMO is a pretty intense undertaking though. I would suggest making simpler multiplayer games first, or if you have less experience just some single player games. Also, RPGs are complex enough. I would write a single player RPG first before tackling an MMORPG.

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    Thanks for your info Fidodo,Actually I've developed many online flash games and offline multiplayer game with Flash, ASP , and SQL 2000. But I don't have any experienced abt live game as online mulltiplayer , but my new job have to develop this really,so could you pls advice me how can I get Java socket server examples?Thanks again!


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    There are tons. Just google "java socket server". Here's one from Sun. It's actually easier than it seems. First things first, just get the connection running and able to send a message to the flash client that you can trace.

    The XML parsing on the flash side is excellent. It's very easy to use. On the java side it kinda sucks because the Java XML parser is very verbose and requires a lot of code to access things. It's not hard, just annoyting.

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    Thanks for fast reply Fidodo, so now I'll try to find the way by using JAVA socket Server but is there any possible way to develop with Media Server, because Media Server already have at my office?Thanks for helping!

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    Sorry, I have no experience with Media Server.

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    No experience in using FMS and gaming , will ask some people at adobe FMS forums for this topics , I also have media server but just for flashchat.

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