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Thread: Collision Tests with Walls, Obstacles, etc.

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    Game-Designer in Training

    Fla Script Collision Tests with Walls, Obstacles, etc.

    Very simple question (I'm an AS n00b, I know...):

    What's the best way to stop a Movie Clip's movement in a specific direction (ie. when you move into a wall or the side of the stage)?


    EDIT: this is Flash MX I'm using.
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    i usually test a point in the direction they are trying to move with hitTest(x + x_speed, y + y_speed) first, and then only move if it's clear. some people i think move, then test, then move back if something is hit.

    something like this:

    if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)) {
      x_speed = 5;
      y_speed =0;
    // more of these for directions
    if (_root.clipping_map.hitTest(_x + x_speed, _y + y_speed) == false) {
      _x += x_speed;
      _y += y_speed;

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    Game-Designer in Training
    so, in the instance of your code, "map" would be the wall or obstacle, and the code would be in the moving Movie Clip's actions, correct?

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    yeah, clipping_map is just a vector drawing with solid where they can't walk, and you can do onClipEvent(load) { _visible = false; } in it to make it invisible. and the code in the example is attached to the moving movie clip.

    uh, i messed up a line tho. it should say:

    if (_root.clipping_map.hitTest(_x + x_speed, _y + y_speed, true) == false) {

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