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Thread: C+ and C ++ Games Graphics?

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    C+ and C ++ Games Graphics?

    How good are the graphics for c+ amd C++ like examples of the games. The answer will determine meh job.

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    As good as the graphics designer. Can you please be more specific in your posts how does the graphics of current c++ games determine your current job.

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    Half-life 2, Quake 4, Doom 3... I'd say at least 90% of the games out there is C/C++.

    The language itself has nothing to do with graphics - but there's hundreds of graphic libraries out there. For 3D you can try Microsofts DirectX, or if you want Open Source you can try OpenGL. For audio there's a buttload, but the OpenGL equivalent is OpenAL.

    For 2D there's the easy library of SDL to toy around with. But there are many many more, of all different sorts and kinds.

    You can do just about anything in C/C++ if you got the right tools for the job.

    (It can do the same as Java, C# etc., they're all just languages)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorame View Post
    How good are the graphics for c+ amd C++ like examples of the games. The answer will determine meh job.
    I hope grammar and spelling do not.

    No idea what you are asking. Like Surrogate said, C/C++ are basically a requirement for game development.
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    Don't encourage the spammers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surrogate View Post
    if you want Open Source you can try OpenGL.
    OpenGL is not open source. It's as proprietary as DirectX. You meant to say cross platform. Also the OpenGL 3.0 specification was just released. I won't say anything about it, but it's been deemed a failure. Go read the openGL message boards or slashdot.

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