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Thread: What all can I do with my new tablet?

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    What all can I do with my new tablet?

    I just got a new tablet. I was gonna use it simply to do frame-by-frame animation in Flash. But what are some other things it's really handy for? Especially concerning web-design.

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    depends on what kind of tablet.

    I have the Wacom graphire 2 (old style) and i use it to create some digital pieces in photoshop. its nice. It's pretty much like a mouse, so it can work just like a mouse (on windows i know).

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    I find that it's most useful to use for things where you don't need constant typing/keyboard access... so frame by frame stuff is great, I use it most of the time when i'm doing photoshop work (beautiful for masking/retouching/painting) but not for much web design.

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    I think I'll end up using it for frame by frame again. I was kinda hopin' I'd be able to do some sweetass vexel art with it, but everyone seems to be using pens and as little points as possible.

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    ..that thing called drawing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlk View Post
    ..that thing called drawing
    Yeah but I'm a terrible artist. I need to practice.
    I know this is a dumb question, but anyone know of a good drawing tutorial resource?

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    ConceptArt.org would be a good place if you want to work on realism of people/characters... there is an Activities subforum which has daily drawing practices and all sorts of little "contests" and challenges... great way to keep active in your drawing and get valuable critique from people who actually know their stuff.
    Just don't get sidetracked into looking at other people's cool art and thinking that you're being productive!

    The Drawing Board is another one... I like their illustration forum and also the Drawing Jams (where they choose a person and everyone does their own take on some photos of them). This forum is more illustration/stylisation focused than conceptart which I think is good too.

    As for actually "learning to draw" I'm not sure... I think you will improve heaps if you go to one of those places and regularly put up work and LISTEN to what they say to you. It will reveal problems in your work which you will then be able to focus on.

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    Lift up the top clear plastic layer of your tablet, and insert a drawing/photo. Then you can practice tracing the drawing/photo to improve your drawing technique. It also allows you to get used to the pressure sensitive nature of using a tablet. It's also an ideal tool when you're using the pen in Photoshop because it allows you to be more accurate when positioning your bezier points.
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    pvponline.com once and a while the guy there posts really helpful videos on techniques he uses (hes very talented so its a great site).

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    concepart.org makes me cry a little every time I go there.

    Try eatpoo.com too, great artists, silly url

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    Seeing what those artists are capable of depresses/inspires me.
    Jeez they're good.

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