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Thread: Mouse click help

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    Mouse click help

    Hi everyone,
    I'm making a game which involves the player to click thier mouse. I've got all the code right but what i want is for the player to keep click not just keep the left mouse button down.

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (Key.isDown(1)){

    thats the code.
    The player has to keep clicking not just hold the mouse button down!!
    The player has to click to make the bar go down and when the bar goes all the way down it makes another one etc until the counter variable is at 0 (I have all of that code correct!!)
    I hope someone understands me lol.

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    On a frame:

    function onMouseDown(){
    trace("Mouse Down");
    function onMouseUp(){
    trace("Mouse Up");

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