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Thread: score variable link with levels?

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    score variable link with levels?

    I'm having a problem with my game. Theres a score system that works fine but I have many levels now and I've noticed that at the begining of each level the score resets. I know it has something to do with the timeline code;
    _root.score = 0;

    I know I need to adjust it but I don't know how?

    I'll need the score from previous level. And also i'll need the same for the lives
    _root.lives = 10;

    please reply! xx

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    Well, usually variables stay the same on each frame unless you change them. Where you put the the _root.score = 0 code? My advice is to put that on the play button so it doesn't interfere with the game.
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    You'll need to post more of your code so we can see exactly what is going on. It looks like _root.score = 0; is being set on every frame or inside of a function somewhere but It should only be set once.

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    In this scenarios i prefer using a global variable , _global.score=0. But in your case, you must be using a onLoad or such to execute some initialisations and setting the _root.score=0; and thats why the problem arises!!! We, as others said, can't really help much without looking at your code, but till you show us the code, try this:-

    Wherever you have:-

    Replace it with:-
    but i do suggest you use _global.score instead of _root.score for an increased scope of the variable.

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    i use 2 variables : score and levelScore

    you increment score and incremnet levelScore but when levelScore is bigger than than x i go up a level and subtract from levelScore - the game player does not know levelScore exist

    something like this (not tested)
    function addScore(){
    hope this helps

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