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Thread: AVG Antivirus slowing down browser

  1. AVG Antivirus slowing down browser

    After updating to AVG Antivirus 8 Free, do you think that your Firefox has gotten slower? My browser often freezes for 5 seconds after I hit enter after typing in an address. I noticed that AVG8 has a new thing that scans all Google query results.

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    Simple check right click on the icon for the program usually and you can turn it off temporarily. If I do that with my scanner (Symantec) my internet goes back up to full speed (instead of the half a second lags between pages).

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    I turned it off and have not had Firefox freeze on me since.

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    yup, there was a very noticeable slowdown for me too. I turned off link scanner and web shield and things are super fast again

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    Windows Defender/Firewall can keep you pretty safe... but always make sure you keep at least a wall up, and not one of those chinese paper walls the large brick ones.

    If you feel your browser is safe you can set the programs traffic as an exception also I really think you should rethink your hey this is great ideology.

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    I guess I am not the only one here, I seem to have similar problem and don't know what to do about it.
    One of my friend works in Sales who told me that Windows Defender/Firewall was quite good.


    what did you mean by wall up? firewall?


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    Yes firewall. I only say windows defender because it integrates very smooth and its very user friendly allowing exceptions and settings to be changed very quickly without much knowledge of computers.

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    I was thinking about upgrading my AVG. Good that I read that thread here first.

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