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Thread: Starfield is in front - urgent

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    Starfield is in front - urgent


    Could u please help me?
    My starfiels is in front of everything.
    What i need to change so that it is behin everything.

    please help

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    ok i dont have flash on this computer but my first question is are you using any actionscript depths on the stars and just leaving the rest?

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    Change the depth of the starfield.

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    you need to put your stars in a movieclip and then swapDepths of everything else to be above it

    I don't really use deplicateMovieClip so the easy way was not quite working

    but i think the following should do it or point you in the right direction

    _root.hp = 100;
    var stars = 150;
    var maxSpeed = 16;
    var minSpeed = 2
    //create and position stars
    for (var i = 0; i<stars; i++) {
     var mc = holder.attachMovie("star", "star"+i, i);
     mc._x = random(Stage.width);
     mc._y = random(Stage.height);
     mc.speed = random(maxSpeed-minSpeed)+minSpeed;
     var size = random(2)+0.6*(random(4));
     mc._width = size;
     mc._height = size;
    holder.onEnterFrame = function() {
     for (var j = 0; j<stars; j++) {
      var mc = this["star"+j];
      if (mc._x>0) {
       mc._x -= mc.speed;
      } else {
       mc._x = Stage.height;
       mc.speed = random(maxSpeed-minSpeed)+minSpeed;
       mc._x = random(Stage.width);
     if (paused == false) {
      _root.pause._visible = false;
     } else {
      _root.pause._visible = true;
    var numEnemy = 3;
    _root.score = 0;
    var fire = false;
    //attach pause
    //make pause invisible
    _root.pause._visible = false;
    //make pause variable
    var paused = false;
    //sound variables
    var sound_on=true;
    //get sounds
    var laser=new Sound();
    var explode=new Sound();
    var music=new Sound();
    //define a listener
    var listener = new Object();
    listener.onKeyUp = function() {
     var code = Key.getCode();
     if (code == 80) {
      if (paused == false) {
       paused = true;
      } else {
       paused = false;
    //add shooting sound
    var shoot=new Sound();
    //add explosion sound
    var explode=new Sound();
    function moveHero(speed) {
     //check if key is down
     if (Key.isDown(Key.UP)) {
      _root.hero._y -= speed;
     } if (Key.isDown(Key.LEFT)) {
      _root.hero._x -= speed;
     } if (Key.isDown(Key.DOWN)) {
      _root.hero._y += speed;
     } if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)) {
      _root.hero._x += speed;
     if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)) {
      if (fire == false) {
    var i = 1;
    function fireBullets() {
     if (i==10){
     fire = true;
     //start sound
     //name bullets
     var newname = "bullet"+i;
     _root.attachMovie("bullet", newname, i*100);
     _root[newname]._y = _root.hero._y+13;
     _root[newname]._x = _root.hero._x+55;
     _root[newname].onEnterFrame = function() {
      if (paused == false) {
       var bullet_speed = 9;
       this._x += bullet_speed;
       if (this._x>555) {
       for (var h = 1; h<=numEnemy; h++) {
        if (this.hitTest(_root["enemy"+h])) {
         //play explode
    function Enemys() {
     for (j=2; j<=numEnemy; j++) {
      var name = "enemy"+j;
      _root.enemy1.duplicateMovieClip(name, j+10);
    music.onSoundComplete = function() {

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    I think he could just make the depth a very high number and it would work.

    starfield._depth = 1000000;
    Not entirely sure though.

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    im havnt really worked to much with action script depth but if im not mistaken i believe that if you put a depth on an object in action script and the rest is left alone it will put the actionscript element in front of anything that uses a lower depth such as the basic stage depth.

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    Depths in AS2 can cause alot of head aches my advice is search around on Google for a depth managing class for as2, to help you manage the depths of display objects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerdec View Post

    Could u please help me?
    My starfiels is in front of everything.
    What i need to change so that it is behin everything.

    please help

    Oh damn you made a new thread for this. Neways i posted a solution on your previous thread. Here go check it out.


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