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Thread: Multiple Colours and Hair Styles

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    Multiple Colours and Hair Styles

    i want to create a game with a range of hair styles, cloths, skin colour, male or female, etc. my game will also include animated cutscenes involving the charecter, so my question to you is will i need to animate every possilbe combitnation (e.g. black hair, male, curly hair)

    p.s the game will also use MYSQl to bring up infomation about the charecter e.g. will it be male or female, have pink hair.

    thx in advance
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  2. If you use movieclips you could have different movieclips for every different arm, head, leg etc. You could then say _root.character.hair.gotoAndStop("longHair") to change the hair model.

    For color your could set a certain part of the movieclip, or just a completely new movieclip and change the color of that one: http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/a...ionary142.html

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