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Thread: Very Difficult Ajax and Php extraction

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    Very Difficult Ajax and Php extraction


    I have a problem:

    in these pages when you make a click on a row, it displays a div with info i need to get, i need a php script to allow me to go all across the table and get the info in the divs. i think it may be very hard!



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    not really

    just analyze the source for client-side (I guess it's a <hr onClick><hr>)

    give the row an ID and fetch the corresponding row in your database, load it into a div and voila

    what's bugging you ?

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    looks better in lowercase
    This will return all of the XML files containing the information used to populate each div:

    Edit: MLK, I think here was asking for a script to get the information from the page, not recreate the effect. Which is it, dinchu37?

    PHP Code:

    // This script might take a while to run...
    // Setup and execute the curl session
    $curl curl_init($url);
    $source curl_exec($curl);
        if (
    $source === false) {
    // Weren't able to retrieve the page
    die("An error occured");
    header('content-type: text/plain');
    // Now we need to get the information from the table rows
    preg_match_all('/<tr id="(\\d+)" title="(.*?)"/'$source$matchesPREG_SET_ORDER);
        foreach (
    $matches as $match) {
    $xml_file "http://bccathletics.cstv.com/data/xml/events/m-basebl/2006/{$match[1]}.xml";
    $curl curl_init($xml_file);
    $source curl_exec($curl);
    "60% of the time it works... every time." -- Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana.

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    icio: you solved me more troubles than what i was asking for!

    I just wanted a code to make appear all the data included in the div, but now the entire problem is solved. thank you very much!

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    looks better in lowercase
    Awesome. Glad I could help
    "60% of the time it works... every time." -- Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana.

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