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Thread: best file format (video) (not sure if this is right thread)

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    best file format (video) (not sure if this is right thread)

    Hello all

    not sure if this is in the right thread (if not code someone move it pretty please).

    Whats everyones experience of file formats for video on line.

    i'm building a site at the moment and need to be able to put video samples up to show. now i was leaning towards flv but my client has heard wmv and then the whole conversation on what we should use came up.

    Just wondering what you lot thought on this?


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    Ew, please don't use wmv. It may work well on Windows but it's a pain on Mac and Linux.

    Personally I like when sites use .mov (h.264 ftw ) or .mpg

    But flv is definitely a valid option.

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    Flash Video is the BEST for internet second is the .mov esspecially for HD movies (h.264)... really don't put your video in any other format.

    Always if you have the option use flash. But flash can play h.264 formatted video now so... i'd say always use flash. (update flash CS3 and you should see a new component from what i've heard... I don't work with flash so i could be wrong).
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    I'm on a mac you see as well no real issues with any. But i'm thinking of the user base brides with low end computers and technophobes.

    I think i may push for flv's then. cheers

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