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Thread: xml to php parsing - how to get attribute info? (Not PHP 5)

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    xml to php parsing - how to get attribute info? (Not PHP 5)

    Hi guys! I've found a really useful tutorial (http://www.kirupa.com/web/xml_php_pa...termediate.htm) on the kirupa site that has helped me out of a tight spot ... almost!

    I'm working on a server that is NOT php 5 and will not be for several weeks, so simpleXML is not a solution!a

    I'm parsing an XML file in order to build an sql insert statement (xml is the ONLY format I can get hold of the data, as supplied by client)

    in .xml file ....

    <Rent Per="Month">450.00</Rent>

    I'm using the code from the tutorial mentioned above ...

    I can access the data from the 'refnumber' and 'postcode' but I don't know how to find out what the value is in the Per="" attribute :-|

    this is the last part of my code from the tutorial:

    echo "rentper:" . $property_array[$x]->rentper . "<br />\n";

    could anyone PLEASE help me ??? :-)


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    Here use this for PHP4:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <Rent Per="Month">450.00</Rent>
    PHP Code:
    class XMLParser{
    $this->parser xml_parser_create();
    $this->filePath $path;
    $this->document = array();
    $this->currTag =& $this->document;
    $this->tagStack = array();
    $fp fopen($this->filePath"r"))){
    "Cannot open XML data file: $this->filePath");
    $data fread($fp4096)){
    sprintf("XML error: %s at line %d",
    $this->currTag[$name] = array();
    $newTag = array();
    $newTag['ATTR'] = $attribs;
    array_push($this->currTag[$name], $newTag); 
    $t =& $this->currTag[$name];
    $this->currTag =& $t[count($t)-1];
    $data trim($data);
    $this->currTag['DATA'] .= $data;
    $this->currTag['DATA'] = $data;
    $this->currTag =& $this->document;
    $i 0$i count($this->tagStack); $i++){
    $t =& $this->currTag[$this->tagStack[$i]];
    $this->currTag =& $t[count($t)-1];

    Used simply like this:
    PHP Code:
    $d =& new XMLParser("file.xml");
    //Use DATA when getting value and ATTR for attribute.
    //Below shows 450.00
    //Below shows Month
    ... I believe thats how it works, I use it all the time but never for attributes... so I'm guessing that for attributes the "i" in ([i]['ATTR']) is the position of the attribute (u can test it and hope thats how it works, but this is the best class for xml in php4)... I think.
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    yeah use a class for it...or better yet use simpleXML Object(but thats only available php5)

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    thanks for the replies guys! am continuing trying different things and will post back when I get a neat solution that may be useful to others. thanks again! much appreciated!

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    That class should work... I'm to lazy to test it but yea it should work perfectly I've used it numerous times at work on a php4 servers.

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