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Thread: loop mysql query

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    loop mysql query

    I have 2 mysql tables. lets say One table has id and name, the other has id_pic, foto, description and name_id
    I have a query that join both tables and make a comparation so i can have the name and the fotos and descriptions. I did this because each person can have multiple fotos. So one table has name of the persons and the other has pictures.
    My query is: $query_rs_fotos = "SELECT * FROM table 1, table 2 WHERE table 1.id = table 2.name_id";
    Now i want to have the result of this query looped but i don't know how to loop it and separate the data.
    Lets say i have this data:
    :::.table 1:::::
    id | name
    1 | john
    2 | bob

    ::::table 2:::::
    id_pic | foto | description | name_id
    1 | bla.jpg | bla | 1
    2 | buh.jpg | buh | 2
    3 | yah.jpg | yah | 1
    4 | boing.jpg | boing | 1
    5 | bang.jpg | bang | 2
    i want the loop to return something like:
    <tr><td> john</td></tr>
    <tr><td> bla.jpg</td><td> yah.jpg</td></tr>
    <tr><td> boing.jpg</td></tr>
    <tr><td> bob</td></tr>
    <tr><td> buh.jpg</td><td> bang.jpg</td></tr>
    How can i do this? ???

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    first off, your html table is all messed up

    Try something like this (not exactly how you have it laid out, but close enough)

    PHP Code:

    mysql_query("select * from `table1`");
    $i 0$i mysql_num_rows($res1); $i++) {
    "<tr><th>" mysql_result($res1$i"name") . "</th></tr>";
    $res2 mysql_query("select * from `table2` where `name_id`='" mysql_result($res1$i"name_id") . "' ");
    $j 0$j mysql_num_rows($res2); $j++) {
    "<tr><td>" mysql_result($res2$j"foto") . "</td></tr>";

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    select a.id, b.id, a.name, b.foto from table_1 a
    inner join table_2 b
    on b.name_id = a.id
    order by a.name, b.foto.

    now execute the query
    $last_name = '';
    $result = // get next result ( first )
    while( $result )
        if( $last_name != $result['name'] )
             $last_name = $result['name'];
             echo "<tr><td>" . $last_name . '</td><td>' . $result['foto'] . '</td></tr>';
              echo "<tr><td></td><td>" . $result['foto'] . '</td></tr>';
        $result = // get next result...
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    $result = // get next result ( first )

    is this correct?
    what this variable gets?

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