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Thread: Calling all geeks - CGI on Internap Server

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    Calling all geeks - CGI on Internap Server

    Ok, i have a pickle, i'm working on a video upload app for a client.

    We have a dedicated server with Internap, this is where we stream videos, etc. from.

    We also have our dedicated server on Mediatemple.

    Until this point, we have only used Internap for hosting the actual video files. i Have found how to host http data on their server now, so that i may put webpages on their server.

    I'm working on an uploader and am looking at hosting on our dedicated[MT], having users upload to our server then transfering to Internap via FTP(server->server).

    Our Internap server does not have any PHP/ASP/etc. EXCEPT, there is a CGI-BIN folder in the root of the ftp.

    I need to know how to use that so that i can upload directly via http or ftp with a page hosted on their servers.

    I am useless with PERL/CGI/etc. (I've always been a geek with php/asp, no need)

    When i log into the FTP, this is what i see:

    (in fact, this image is hosted there)

    First of all, i have searched like a monkey and have not found any information about this, this is also outside of the scope of support of the Internap techs.

    I really am not sure about the location of perl on their server either, so i'm gonna be doing some trial and error on that

    how the heck do i test if the cgi is working? I tried making a lil doc like this:
    #!/usr/bin/perl -wT
    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print "Hello, world!\n";
    I put it in the "http" folder but it just lets me download it, not parse it

    i tried putting it in the "cgi-bin" folder but i cannot access it, or at least i don't know how.

    Any uber geeks wanna take a swing at this with me? You would make my day, actually, my weekend.

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    member #1 of the "XML-is-a-crutch-to-make-people-feel-elite-club"
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    I'm in the same boat as you perl wise, however, if you're using FTP you don't need the perl/cgi-bin. www.php.net/ftp from the MediaTemple server
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    doesn't it have to upload to my server first then transfer? or does it go directly?

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    Yeah, it would have to upload to your server first (though you mentioned that's how you want it done in your first post).

    If you wanted it to go straight to your Internap server, you would need an interface to upload to over there, though, if you can't install PHP I'm no help I'm sure there are some open source perl upload scripts, look them up on google.
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    Why would you ever use a mediatemple dedicated server? They are overpriced x1000, you could get cheaper at rackspace

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    off topic:

    Why would you ever use a rackspace dedicated server? They are overpriced x1000, you could get cheaper at softlayer

    Have you figured this out yet?
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    because i need to know i can upgrade to a larger server without any issue. Plus i like thier domain handling. I have over 60 domains hosted and well, we like to say we use MT

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    Did you try chmodding the script you posted to be executable?
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