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Thread: Handling .zip file in vb.net

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    Handling .zip file in vb.net

    Right now im using a class #ZipLib, I'm just wondering if there is a better solution or if any of the recent updates to the .net framework add anything for zipping files or unzipping.

    What I really need is a way to open files in memory (xml and png files in a .zip) then save them back to the .zip (treating it as a compressed folder).

    Right now I'm creating a file on the hard drive then placing it into the .zip a step i would like to get rid of.

    Any help would be appreciated or even better maybe a dll I've overlooked.

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    There is no built-in support for opening or saving ZIP files, but there are numerous third party resources for this. I did a quick search and found this site: http://www.example-code.com/csharp/zip.asp

    The code is in C#, but I am sure that can be ported to VB easily...I hope

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    ^That costs 169 dollars. It does everything I want and more but it lacks the freeness I'm looking for. The DLL will stop working after 30 days of use.

    Maybe 4.0 will finally have full support for .zip. I just find it weird that the OS handles it natively but it has no native support in all its language (i know j# has limited support).
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    Oh, I didn't know that there was a cost associated with that. This other one definitely looks free: http://www.eggheadcafe.com/tutorials...-resource.aspx

    You are using 7zip's API, and I am pretty sure their SDK is free since they provide everything else for free also.

    Regarding why .NET doesn't support Zip by default may have to do with licensing. I think the Zip feature found in Windows is licensed from WinZip.

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