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Thread: Online space

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    Pallete Online space


    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about what it would take to start a site such as mediafire.com or similar? I am mostly concerned about how the space would be bought. Are there sites that offer space that could be connected to the site? How would this be achieved without a third party? etc....When it comes to the actual programming (something I am sure the people in here know best) what is the best approach? Would love if we could get a discussion going.

    Thank you,

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    You could try Amazon S3 (Simple Storage System), which allows you to host files on Amazon’s servers for practically nothing, or I suspect most hosts would allow you to buy more space as you need it (although the going rate is probably a lot higher than S3).

    I would use S3 — it’s a pretty popular solution for hosting lots of user files…

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    thank you nokrev! I have checked it out and I will run it with my programmer. How would you describe the hosting business if you are into it? Is it something that is good to do or is this something that will lead nowhere!?

    Thanks and I appreciate your honest answers!


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    I don’t know … there’s some tough competition there; I’ve never done it, but I suspect simply as a simple file-hosting service, it’ll be tough to make a name for yourself. I’d suggest trying something slightly newer or more original.

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    Pownce uses S3.
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    So do tons of sites…

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    Alright, Well, I think I have something original going for me...Sorry I can't share it on the forums as of now, but hopefully I can soon.

    Checked Pownce and it looks kewl. thanks BS.

    have a great day.


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    Great; can’t wait to see.

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    Well if you get a site5 account they give you like a billion terabytes for $5 a month.
    That should be enough!
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    I’d be weary of that … most hosts who advertise they provide tons of space don’t actually have it, and are just betting on the fact that nobody wants that much space.

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    Hey Nokrev,

    Do you have any idea how these FREE file hosting sites make money on this? One clear thing is advertising, however, what other approaches do you think they take to be able to pull this off...

    I have been thinking about it and it isn't so clear to me....thanks for an answer!


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    I would guess it’s pretty much entirely advertising. Some may have paying users too, that have more privileges.

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    going along with what Nokrev said, some free hosting services, give your more space, mysql databases etc for money.
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    Thanks strokemymouse!

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