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Thread: help with this GD image thing... (thing?!)

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    help with this GD image thing... (thing?!)

    Hi everyone...

    So I recently felt the urge to try out the GD image stuff.

    It all works had a few ups and downs trying to get it quote text from a txt file thats sorted now its just the outcome that annoys me....

    the first line of the text file is ok. but when its on its 2nd or further down line it shows a funny little symbol...

    What it looks like :

    the symbol, letter or icon at the end...

    I got rid of the first little icon that looked like v ontop of a T using:
    PHP Code:
     $string str_replace("\n","",$items[$item]); 
    and i can get rid of the "r" looking one using
    PHP Code:
     $string str_replace("\r","",$items[$item]); 
    but when i put them together like:

    PHP Code:
     $string str_replace("\n","",$items[$item]);
    $string str_replace("\r","",$items[$item]); 
    it doesnt work...

    How can i remove it... or atleast combine the two str_replace functions together?

    Please Help!

    Thank you

    Chris S J
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    K-Emmys-06: Best "Newbie"

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    Post whole script and what do you mean "it doesn't work"?
    Can you be more specific?
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    How are you getting your items array?
    got pwnt?

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    oh this is easy:
    PHP Code:
    $string str_replace("\n","",$items[$item]);
    $string str_replace("\r","",$string); 
    That will work, silly mistake
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    I cant belive I left that out!!!!

    Thanks so much alexgeek!

    it works fine now, ive put a little thank you in my footer

    Edit: I notice your in Wales too cool
    Last edited by chrisclick; December 30th, 2007 at 10:49 PM.
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    K-Emmys-06: Best "Newbie"

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