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Thread: Background Organic and wireframe... with swift 3d

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    Background Organic and wireframe... with swift 3d

    i dedicate this thread to understanding how to create a city/human(3danime) i notice that in the review about the program it took some trial and error to create a human of background. but knowing its possible we'd like to hear what other users do to create these figures. more like hints if anyone has got any.

    second up i have a personal question about skulington figure moving. now i heard about this is Max3d but im wondering if this is swift 3d too. FYI its Swift 3d v4.5 im worried about.

    last item up for bids is it possible to move wires (aka wireframes) so that you can personal shape a figure to your will.

    this might be a big thing to talk about. but im major worry is should i go back to better 3d software (annoies me because of the monthly fees) or should i study this a little more.

    also my goal with this program is to create a cell mapped (anime style 2 color shaded) Robot :
    for my flash animation.
    any help can be helpful.
    from kageshi

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    crud did i put this on in the wrong thread again?

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    yea this isn't a server-side question... tho i'm not really sure where to move it to so you can get the correct responses
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