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Thread: Form with country and state fields from MySQL database

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    Pallete Form with country and state fields from MySQL database

    Helo everybody!

    I'm trying to find a code for implementing in a php form. The form must contain two selects: one for a country and one for the state. All the data is taken from a database.

    I suppose ajax and javascript are needed... because I want that the second select autopopulate depending on the value selected in the first select: country.

    I can't believe there is no code with this solution.

    any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Of course there's a code, you just have to do it yourself!
    AJAX would be good.
    Grab the value of the select with an onchange event, send it to the server, query the database, send back the values for the second select box.
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    Fla Box

    Thank you, I will try doing it by myself. Best regards.

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    If there's not too much data, you can load it all on one page, but hide from user with help of CSS:

    <select name="USA_states" style="visibility:hidden">
    <option value="AZ">Arizona
    <option value="TX">Texas

    You can put such hidden SELECT-s for all countries on a single page.
    Then make use of JavaScript to show the right SELECT for a state, when user selects a country:

    <select name=country onchange=countryChanged(this.value)>
    <option value=USA>United States
    <option value=Canada>Canada

    Depending on the value, you can show/hide the right state SELECT:

    forms[0].elements[country+"_select"].style.visibility = ''; // shows
    forms[0].elements[country+"_select"].style.visibility = 'hidden'; // hides

    Good luck!

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