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Thread: Frickin' MySpace!

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    Afrostyle Frickin' MySpace!

    Ok, this has probably been asked countless times, but a cursory search yielded nothing of much use.

    Basically I need some help with MySpace. I want to tidy up my profile and make it look attractive. At the moment it's a complete mess and I'm a total n00b when it comes to code.

    Now, I would really like my profile to follow the same layout as Thursday's page. I'm using their style as a sort of template, designing the images I want around the shape of their page.

    I have looked through the source code for the page but since I suck at html and css I can't make head nor tail of the code. This is where you lovely people come in.

    I would simply like someone to extract the useful code from Thursday's layout and show me how to get my profile to look exactly like theirs. Then I can put in my own images to make it more personal.

    "I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god." - fester8542
    "Yeah but experts are conformist bastards. Ignore their so called "wisdom"!" - Iamthejuggler

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    tbh - the code behind myspace is absolutely shocking (tables for layout, no assigning ids or classes to page elements, inline css code rather than linking to an external stylesheet etc.), so the css involved in order to get a page looking half decent can be quite complicated. Added to this you are going to have to pick out the css code that the band's designer has added to page vs. the css code that was already on the page. If you aren't sure on your css this could be quite a head ache. Basically however - with myspace - if I remember correctly the css is added into the 'about us' section so if you search the code for 'about' there should then be some <style> tags and that is the code that has been added. You might be best off trying out one of the many myspace editors out there FIRST and seeing what sort of code they tell you to add and where. Then go to the w3 schools website and go through each line of code to see what it means.

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    Don't even get me started on how bad MySpace's code is. They need to take a look at other social networking sites like Bebo, which are easily customisable.

    I've tried what you suggested a few times. I can understand most basic CSS, what it's doing and why, but what I'm not sure about is the MySpace end. What do I need to style to achieve the effect I want? Another problem with copying Thursday's page is that it's a music page, so it has some elements that won't be on my page and vice versa.

    I tried using the Mike Industries Solution before but it's still not quite what I want.

    Is anybody on KF familiar with and good at changing MySpace layouts?

    "I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god." - fester8542
    "Yeah but experts are conformist bastards. Ignore their so called "wisdom"!" - Iamthejuggler

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