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Thread: single page dynamic??

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    single page dynamic??

    Hello all,

    I am trying to find a tutorial or guidance for creating a dynamic flash page like

    http://www.hondaracingf1.com/php/lang_select.php and


    the page created looks like one big canvas which is then navigated around??

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks CG.

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    Start from the beginning in reading the flash tutorials.
    Do you have Flash CS3? The help section of the program has tutorials. You can learn all the stuff you need from those tutorials I believe.

    I have to say that flash video on the honda site is really cool. I didn't know you can get such high quality video to stream so fast with flash.

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    I dont have flash CS3, It wasnt so much to do with the technical content of the site, but the navigation from page to page and the zooming in / out and around pages (that are maintained within one huge canvas... If you know what I mean??

    The johnson banks page has been around since before cs3, so i know this format is available and very achievable. I just know how at the moment!! HELP

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    So what are you planning to make this similar type of site? Are you planning to use AS3?

    And navigation around the site with the zooming in and out of the main page is a technical discussion I think.
    For example, the zooming in and out can be accomplished with 3 tweens on the movieclip (main page), one to scale the movieclip size, one to change it's x position, and one for the y position. And it looks like it uses an Elastic easing function in the tween.

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