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Thread: l33t Hax silently sending GET data

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    l33t Hax silently sending GET data

    man I had a real hard time i needed to send GET data silently without reloading the page...ajax style... well i found out using GET data the way its intended is neverr gonna work. but a easy cool hack is

    <img src=http://www.url.com/myForm.php?name='joran'&score='55' />

    its really obvious and easy i know still took me like 3 days to stuble onto it.

    Its not a real secure way of sending stuff...may wanna use security tokens and such but i didnt need a secure method of sending...

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    ask me about being a jerk
    You can send get data with ajax. No problem.
    If you're using jQuery, you just do:
    $.get('something.php?name=something&score=something',function(data) {
        alert('this: ' + data + ' is what i got from the file');
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    oh yeah outside the domain thats what was hard that restricts you just to your domain

    I needed a snippet of code that other sites could host

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    YOu can still use ajax for that. You just need to change the permissions on the file so that it is executable by everyone. 755 I believe

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    well ok a way without setting open permission for the whole php file....(but i didnt know you could do that....I was seriously looking for 3 days for a way to send without reloading or pulling up a page to a different domain ...

    found this and was stoked...but had i known about the permissions i prolly woulda done that...but meh...

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