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Thread: Recommended Hosts

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    Recommended Hosts

    Hi; I hope to scrap my current hosts at some stage, so I'm looking for a new affordable host with MySQL and php support and a decent amount of storage. A good amount of bandwidth is also required (preferably unlimited).

    Any hosts that you would recommend?
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    i have had good success with bluehost.

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    i just started with 5gbfree and it's working so far
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    I quite like Textdrive. They are a tad more expensive than some (excluding MediaTemple, which is quite unaffordable), but it is well made up for in security, support, and uptime.

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    If you can afford it, go with (mt) MediaTemple. If you can't, do what Jeff (nokrev) said and go with Textdrive. Both of them are good and will be well worth your money.
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    it's who i host w/ and all my clients host with... cheap, and great packages.
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    Is free hosting just a pipe-dream? Even for 10-20mb space with ads from the provider?

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    Look at it from a business perspective. Why would you do that?

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    I've had good luck with HostGator

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