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Thread: calculating D.O.B, from AGE (How To?)

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    calculating D.O.B, from AGE (How To?)

    How to calculate DOB (Date of Birth), If i know Person's Todays Age. (MSaccess/ASP)

    Thx in Advance.

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    Well, you can get the year by subtracting the age from the current year.

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    well, it's not quite as simple as nokrev says, but that's basically it. but you can't get a complete DOB unless you already know the person's month and date in addition to age.

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    Yeah, but that's the best you can do with the information you have. It won't work in a lot of cases, but it'll get you within one year.

    E.g., I'm currently 16, but I was born in 1990. 2007-16 is 1991, though, because it's not my birthday yet.

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    well, you could still do better if you apply any probability to it. so on 2/17/2007, you're 16. also on 2/17/2007, approx. 10.4% of 2007 has passed. so there's an 89.6% chance that if you're 16 today, you were born in 1990, not 1991.
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    Or, more simply put (I think this is what you're getting at), you could just see if today is after June 1st, and if it is, there's a greater than 50% chance that they're that age, otherwise they're the subtracted value, minus one. Or, something like that...

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    i agree with.. you both.. and thanx for quick replies.

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