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Thread: Easy updating for sites?

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    Easy updating for sites?


    I have built a few websites for people in the past where they want to be able to update with new content (photos, info etc) and i just did the updates for them (i tried to teach them very basic html so they could do it but it didn't catch on really...).

    I am trying to work out the best way to do this so that they can update their own stuff without me having to do every little thing for them. I considered using XML and loading in info, but i haven't got much experience in it... is it a good option? I also thought that maybe i could just make a custom design for a blog that doesn't really look like a blog. The advantage would be that all the stuff for them to add content is easy and well-developed.

    They will really just be putting in more text usually, and probably some photos every now and then.

    any comments or other ideas?
    (sorry if this isn't the best place to ask this, it's hard to work out where it should go i reckon, but i just figured that it's likely to involve server-side code if i don't use a blog!).
    - stu

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    a CMS might do... and you braught up blog, http://strokemymouse.com/blog_php
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    I just finished up a small, low budget folio project for a musician friend. I used Flash and XML for the media player AND the photo gallery. The guy understood the XML within 60 seconds!

    So yea, it's a good tech.

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