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Thread: mkdir()

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    Barcode mkdir()

    i used the function mkdir to create a folder on my webbrowser..

    but i also like to create a standard file within it. index.php wich includes a standard function with readdir. But how can i create a file within the created folder?
    Is it possible or do i have to upload it by myself.

    kind regards Jos

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    see fopen()

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    cheers senocular.. thanx for the quick reply..

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    I looked at fopen().

    So i open a file somewhere in my browser.
    This file reads content with readdir()

    Now i like to place this file in the folder i just created.
    Like i sad it's just a standard file so i dont have to write witin it (fwrite)
    But can i copy the file and lace the copy in the folder?

    i just can't figure it out i checked the manual at php.net does someone have experience with it or other recourses wich can be helpfull?


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    ok and do you know where i can find some information on how to do that?

    Ive got only small
    knowledge with htacess

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    Thanx mate, i think it's still not really what i'm looking for but i'm gonna reed a bit better and just play with some thing...


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    to be honest, i think it's exactly what you're looking for. just make a php file which has readdir and then outputs the dir contents. then make that your default index file.

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    ok i'll trie.. you are an expert so you must be right..

    i'll let you know how i did it..


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