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Thread: Website loader with progress bar

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    Website loader with progress bar

    Hey guys,i just want to ask if there some loader script to work with PHP i have a large web site and i want to put a progress bar! Thanks

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    PHP wouldnt be the only thing needed, I would say javascript would be better for this, im not sure though. Ask in CLient-Side

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    what do you mean you have a "large website"? what type of site is it - flash or (x)html/css? are you loading a lot of large images?

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    I have a lot of images,i have found coupple loaders but they want to specify the images locations and other stuff,can you tell me som script PHP/HTML for that ? Can flash do that ?

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    This isn't going to be what your gonna want to do for a large site. Your probably going to want to find ways to make it load faster. The easiest is minimizing total connections. You could also load it in nicer and more fluid with Ajax.

    If you could show us a link it would help.

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    My website is still not uploaded but when i uploaded was really slowly,can you tell me some script or Codes ?

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