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Thread: newbie reference question???

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    newbie reference question???

    hello all,

    So I am a completely self taught designer that is trying to expand my capabilities as a developer....

    A previous client of mine is interested in having a "plant list"... Basically a searchable database similar to the one found here:


    I have gone through the W3Schools tutorials on SQL, PHP, ASP etc... And I understand the languages (as best as I can).. Of course I'm no where near fluent yet. It helps that I do lightweight scripting/query building at my day job doing GIS programs...

    What I'm looking for is basically a resource(s).. either online or hardcopy that will help explain to me how to implement the scripts on web apps... As I can use the tutorials to write the scripts, I have no idea how to implement them, and what language I should use for which server, programs I need, etc. I'm sure there are many more variables that I don't even know I need to consider.

    Everyone here is so helpful, so before I start asking typical newbie specific questions I wanted to do all of my homework. Then I'll feel more comfortable asking those questions

    Thanks for any help.


    Less is more, Even Less is More Still, and Least is the Most...

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    LOL ok I'm a idiot.. I found the sticky at the top...

    Less is more, Even Less is More Still, and Least is the Most...

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