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Thread: Databases For Dummies

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    Databases For Dummies

    I feel somewhat competent as a Flash designer for front end, eye candy stuff. But I know absolutely nothing about back end stuff. I'd like to learn how to create a web application for a client that would store information (client names, the vehicle they drive, the vehicle mileage, last time it was serviced, etc.) and let me retrieve it quickly on any computer connected to the internet.

    Is that something that can be done in Actionscript, or do I need to learn something like SQL? (I don't even know what that is, is that a language, an ap, or what?)

    Can anyone recommend where one should start on this road, a good how-to book for example?

    Thanks for any info!

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    This topic is much to big to explain here so you'll have to find it out for you're self. But some basics.
    Flash, javascript are client sided application. THey do stuff on the computer where the browser is. Php is a server sided script that runs on the server off the website. My sql is a database that runs on the server. Now somehow the client side wants to put something in this serversided database. This is where php comes in to action because it makes communication between client side and server side possible.

    Now for info:
    www.php.net for php info
    mysql.org for mysql info

    and.... try some off the tutorials that will get you on you're path to wisdom.

    Good luck

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    mrwizzer, you sound just like me, lol. borrob is right when he says this subject is way too big to devote a thread to - the subject is enormous. I've been chasing after it for a couple weeks now off and on and it is hard to grasp the concepts involved. Good luck to you!

    Guys, would a discussion of Flash Remoting yield any fruit here? I thought it was a vital component to linking Flash to servers... In any case, that's where I've been concentrating my learning efforts in trying to understand this stuff. Author Tom Muck wrote an entire book dedicated to this topic, more information can be found at Flash Remoting: the Definitive Guide .

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