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Thread: Creating Styles for the Forums

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    Creating Styles for the Forums

    Hey everyone,
    A few have asked me for information on how to create new styles for the forums. All you need to do is modify the header and footer colors and I will take care of the body colors, etc. I have included the default blue style for you to mess around with:


    Feel free to add background patterns, etc. as long as the file size for either the header or footer doesn't exceed 15k. Feel free to modify the logo, buttons, etc.

    I'll try to include as many styles you all upload with some deliberation among the moderators so that the selection is more fair.

    Please PM me once you have finished your style. I do not check this thread often.


    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    looks good! now people need to find colours that arent already done! lol, thanks!
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    I Heart Microsoft
    Do I just post it for you in here, Kirupa?

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    sorry kirupa, but what about my style?

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    which was yours again?
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    Kirupa is not at his home computer right now, and so he is unable to update styles.

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    you know - this "too dark" one

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    I'll add this up after I return home later today fluid. Aislin, sure - you can post it here, but PM me also so I don't miss it.


    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    k kirupa, sorry for rushing you

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    Hehe, no problem I usually have these updates done within a day or so, but as Nali mentioned a few posts above, I've been able to make any major changes to the site or forums.


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    hope you like it... it's kinda like the blue style, but a bit darker

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    Asphalt, have you considered adding some tiny graphics or something in the colors to make it a little more unique. The past few styles that were simple color changes were rejected because they resembled all the other styles. Use your creativity - you are a design/art/video guy

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    lol, true..! sure thing k-man

    *gets to work*

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    lol be creative (eg. look at mine work )

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