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Thread: Simple info/image swap [link to files included]

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    Barcode Simple info/image swap [link to files included]

    Here are all the files:

    I'm just creating a simple art gallery and I like how this site just swaps out the images:

    For example:
    This is the code that's on the prev/next buttons.

    <a href="javascript:swap_tf(4)">Prev</a>, <a

    This is a sample of the code on the core.js that's calling another .js file
    called ahah-lib.js

    function swap_tf(tf) {
    callAHAH('testform.php?content= '+tf, 'testform', 'loading...', 'Error!');

    So technically it's calling the address:

    Which from what I can gather is simple html info from a php page called testform.php. I just need to know how to set up that php page as a list for each separate section [ex. swap_tf(2), (3), (4), etc.] with the simple html info. As you can tell I know nothing about PHP for the most part. I just wish I could access the php page on that site so I could see how it's set up, but of course php won't let me do it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone? Is it because the files are in a .zip file? I could post each separate file that's .js and what not. I just thought that would be a lot of un-necessary work.

    Or is it that no one could tell what is written in a php file from just looking at the .js files? It doesn't seem like it would be that hard since it's basically just a list with simple html swapping.

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    Justin Marazita is a thief and website ripper

    Justin Marazita is a thief and website ripper residing in the Colorado Springs area. He just steals work from corporate companys or small local individuals and doesn't differentiate the importance of both. So don't hesitate to contact him about anything whether it's small, large, or even a unillegal collaboration. He does everything and has no honor!

    We are going to post this everywhere and embarrass him all over the web.




    oh, and this is interesting:
    the original wallpaper from eyegix.com on his server, damn boy


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