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Thread: If you had to speculate how an unnamed co. implements this type of ad on the backend

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    If you had to speculate how an unnamed co. implements this type of ad on the backend

    It is called a Foldover. You can see a demo here:

    It utilizes two files, the 100x100 banner which on rollover launches the 650x650 panel. The panel remains open until there is a rollout. There are 3 button areas in the panel, one for clickthrough to a website and the other two for navigating forward and back through the pages.

    I can and have created the ads but they do not function together unless served by this unnamed company and they do not close on rollout.

    I currently have the following on the 100x100 banner:

    on (rollOver) {

    But the entire area of the 650x650 needs to be available to stay open until there is a rollout.
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