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Thread: Ruby on Rails

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    Barcode Ruby on Rails

    I was concidering making a CMS, and I've also been curious about Rails.

    Now, for me to get started on this, I obviously need to learn rails.

    Is this the right way to go?
    My web developer knowledge is only on html, css, and very minor php.
    Also, what will be the requirement of my web host and what is need of my computer for local testing?

    Any other knowledge you can give o help me out will be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: My current host doesn't support RoR under my plan, does anyone know of a very minimalistic web host that supports rails. I don't require too much space or bandwidth. Mine is currently slightly over $1.50 a month.
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    Well, it might help to get a pretty solid understanding of Ruby, first. Then, you can start playing with Rails - it might help to get a book...

    Writing a CMS in Rails is more difficult than in Django, in my opinion (my thoughts on this), because Django is more publishing-centric, while Rails is more designed for applications.

    Try contacting your host about support. They'll know if they do.

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    Checked my host and it said its only for Deluxe and Premium accounts, while I have only Economy.

    I read your aricle, but don't understand it well.

    I'm attemptting to make something like this: http://mephistoblog.com/screenshots

    I'd figure hat that requires alo of forms and would be harder in Django.

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    Well, as I'm sure you know by now, Django has an automatic admin interface, which allows you to very easily manipulate the data in your database, with virtually no code. Rails doesn't have this, so you have to write the admin yourself.

    Additionally, Rails' ORM isn't as nice as Django's, in my opinion. There are times when it requires custom SQL source (partial), whereas Django's can handle most anything without the need for SQL.

    So, really, that would probably be really easy in Django, as long as you wanted to use the default admin.

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    I'll take the time to look into it. I was just hyped up from a lot of rails talk lately.

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