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Thread: Simple question

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    Afrostyle Simple question

    I would like to know what is the best way to do this...

    I have a XML file with different Tip(15 in total) I would like to have a script that goes through the XML file and select one tip and put it on my intranet. Then the next day another tip goes and so on... It has to circle in the file like that. I do have SQL so I'm able to put the current Tip that I am displaying so that the next day I can select the next one.

    So what to do PHP or Java

    If PHP is the way to go, can someone help me out on doing such a script or just get me started and I'll try to figure out the rest...


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    you should have just continued your old thread.

    anyway, you will need to record which tips you've already displayed. so either you do that in SQL or XML. either way, i would just stay consistent. so if you're going to use XML, use it to store both tips and tip history. if you pick SQL, use it for both. personally, i think SQL is the better option.

    whether you decide on PHP, Java, ASP, whatever server-side language, depends on what your server is setup for. btw, just making sure you know that Java is not the same as JavaScript. JavaScript is a client-side language.

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