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Thread: Gecko

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    Yo here it is... something I put together quick like... I won't win but oh well... I plan to make another one.

    [swf=" height=60 width=300"][/swf]

    KIRUPA: I added your second footer to this post; we don't want anybody to miss it

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    u cud have had a chance in a normal image footer,but dis is a mixture of flash interactive footers and great images, urs lie in second catagory.But i think it's pretty cool anyway.

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    Thanks flasherjaz... BTW originally I had the footer orangey like this: My sister said it looked cooler purple. Whadya think guys?... and this isn't my second entry... right?

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    I think the orange is cool too. "Gecko Pixels" is hard to read, becuase of the font and the color.

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    Yah it is hard to read :p the original pic is way bigger...
    here is my second entry, tell me what ya think

    [swf=" height=60 width=300"][/swf]

    I might add a few things to it but that's basiclly it
    Last edited by Gecko; June 4th, 2003 at 06:29 PM.

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    Man i like ur choice then ur sister's and the second entry : i love the fire effect, and if on mouseover you can animate it, tht ll kick *****, i like em all and nothing is hard to read.It's all fine.

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    Thanx man! Yah i'd like to animate 'em, but i'm just getting in to flash, so i don't think I could do much... but I might try. That, and the second entry is already 30k (I didn't optimize much)

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    sorry if u dont like it,but i cudnt resist the idea

    [swf="http://www.nettersolutions.com/idea.swf height=60 width=300"][/swf]

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    Whoa, thats sweet man... i'm working on some flash stuff for it, but I never thought of that! good stuff

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    I m glad u like it, Mortal Combat is on HBO, i m out of here for tonite hehehe

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    OK here is my flash version of my second entry... It's my very first flash animation yay!

    [swf=" height=60 width=300"][/swf]

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    OK here are my two entrys

    Entry Number 1:

    Entry Number 2:
    [swf=" height=60 width=300"][/swf]

    I added more flashiness to number 2 (Rollover to see). It's kinda like flashers but different. It's not too similar right?

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    yea...guess it's not

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    MxNecromancer's Avatar
    I think my wheel broke...
    Geck that liquid fire is funky, looks great

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