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Thread: Photo database with XML and Flash

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    Photo database with XML and Flash

    Dear all,

    I am looking a tutorial about using XML and flash to build a photo database which is like a photo gallery but with searching options. I will manage around 1000 photos in an offline application. Do you think I am going in the right direction? I mean Flash and XML? None database manager has to be installed in the PC.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    And, Thats a good thing.
    Food for thought:

    SlideshowPro is a great addon for flash, exceptionally well built. Not sure if it will address all your needs but worth a look. I have used it in the past and am very impressed.



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    you'll need a server app to access the database and produce an xml document. then use the sample xml to attach flash to it via actionscript. if you need the flash document to generate the original query, you might want to look at flash and PHP, but XML would still be invovled in producing the results. check here for the .doc file it's in the middle of the page, and it's quite extensive.

    thanks senocular, this tutorial has been highly beneficial to my understanding of actionscript

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    Thanks Martha and aletheus

    I was checking slidePro but I could not find searching options, I will get a closer look.

    aletheus, in my case it is required not to have any special hardware or database manager to run the app. It will be basically an .exe, xml files and folders holding the images.
    I will study the tutorial you recommended.

    Thanks again.

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    And, Thats a good thing.
    Hey Costa,

    I just a had a better look also at SlideShowPro and i don't see any search functionality.. you could always post to the creator he gives really good support, but i am sure that would be longer than you are willing to wait.

    All The Best,


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    Just to share my findings, this tutorial looks interesting.

    "A Simple XML-Based Searchable Database"

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