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Thread: Full-time onsite Flash job in GA

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    Full-time onsite Flash job in GA

    There's a full-time job available for Flash devs in Athens GA. The job is posted at http://www.athenstech.edu/Administra...ouncements.cfm

    It's a position to work alongside me (not that that matters to anyone since this is my first post).

    Skills required are intermediate. We're looking for more of a designer than an actionscriptor, but basic actionscript skills are required. We design INSTRUCTIONAL flash animations. They are relatively short, and are integrated into our online training system. Storyboarding is usually provided by our writers/instructors, but some level of creativity is required. We do make our own quizes that score and do fun things, and are always looking for more ideas to make the material more FUN.

    This job is ON SITE. No telecommuting, which is why I don't expect to hear much from this forum, but who knows, maybe there are some Athens-based Flash devs reading this now! This position has been open for a WHILE, and I expect it will be open a while longer.

    I tried to give as much info as possible, but if anyone has questions, post away. Do not send me a message to apply though. Instead, please follow the instructions on the job description that is linked at the top of this post. I can't do much for you if you send info directly to me. I'm just the messenger.

    And yes, I realize that the official job description in the link is a bit .... convoluted ..... my description here is much better!

    Ok. That's it. Here's hoping....
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