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Thread: Future Game Console

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    Future Game Console

    hmm, i was just thinking... maybe a future 3D game console ad contest... any 3d program, afterward touch ups in photoshop... im not a 3D guy, but i could do rectangles.

    well, if anyone is interested.. i think this would be a good opportunity to show design/3d skills.

    something to think about


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    i'd like to participate, i have C4D + photoshop...

    Would it be an ad or just a view of the console ?

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    oops, sry i didnt post in awhile, i was thinking about an ad poster actually. i think that would be fun...

    i wonder why no one else wants to. this seems like something fun...

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    give people a few days to look at it...

    in the meantime what should we have, game console, controllers and game cartridges/cds on the same pic ??

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    Dual Booter Extaordinaire
    ha, i dont know about all that stuff... im really crappy with c4d, it will be a learning experience for me

    i suppose just the console and the cartridges, since controllers would require more modeling skills, that i dont have

    maybe we could have it optional...

    any of these could be included:

    console (a must)
    cartridges (must)
    game case
    anything to add to the cool-factor

    sounds good? i think this will be fun!


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    anybody... please, this will be fun

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    i know you will mlk, but we need (or i want) at least another person

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    im up for it, but the only 3D package i have is swift3D.v3.

    Ive got Photoshop though, so i guess touch ups wont be a problem

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    Hawk's Avatar
    Dual Booter Extaordinaire
    until my computer is resurrected, i cant participate. ill repost this when its alive

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    If it didn't have to be 3D, I'd join up :p

    I've already done a few console designs, and doing another wouldn't both me. Unfortunately, I can barely create spheres in a 3D program, so the end result really wouldn't be representative of my design skills

    Nintendo Mako:

    Gamecube Advance:

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    Wow that Nintendo concept design is nice bleutuna.

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    i'd like to participate in this

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    lol. I especially like the smell option

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