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Thread: ActionScript Calculator

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    it's been a while since anyone touched this thread, so i wonder if i will get a response...

    iftecan, how did you get your calculator to display the "0" and "." instantaneously? Unlike with other scripts, I like that the data one enters shows up immediately in the input/output text field of your calculator. For instance, instead of waiting until the 2 button is released to see .000002, the user will receive immediate feedback of what they're entering. Bravo! The only thing i would change is your layout - maybe distance the function keys from the numeric keys perhaps?

    Also, would it be possible for you to show us how you went about scripting your calculator? Or can anyone else enlighten me please? I would be very grateful.

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    Thats great work iftican i checked that it was cool.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    deanpowel71 - Glad you liked it.

    ahaara - I created this program as a project while learning AS3. I will post the code here so you an take a look at the implementation. I may have to dig through my old files. Will try to post it within the next two days or so...

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    Calculator code

    Quote Originally Posted by ahaara View Post
    Also, would it be possible for you to show us how you went about scripting your calculator? Or can anyone else enlighten me please? I would be very grateful.
    I have attached the code here.
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    i know this is super belated, but thanks iftecan!!! your script is waaaaaay beyond my feeble skill, but I really appreciate being able to look through it to try to educate myself. Very cool and thanks again!

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    Wow! lot's of scripting, this'll help me build one.

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    I've attached an AS3 version of this is in response to another thread. Hopefully you don't mind, icio; the modifications were fairly small.

    I also implemented rkalexander's suggestion, though it still doesn't quite behave like traditional, limited-function calculators in that pressing = doesn't repeat the last operation. I didn't want to modify the original too much, though, so I left it alone.

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    its a lil buggy tho. when u press the number then hit the decimal button, the output text just giving to many wired number... can u fix those please... i relly need this to working coz i m making a simple calculator to help me calculate a roofing weight at office... not for profit purpose but get my job 3 times faster...

    relly appreciate if u can debug the decimal and fix the last operation pressed... thx in advance...

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