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Thread: How can I stop the 'looping' and am I ready to upload?

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    How can I stop the 'looping' and am I ready to upload?

    I've finished my site and I'm happy with how it looks (one main SWF and 5 external swf's to match the buttons). I've tested it and it works like a dream.

    First question. When I 'test movie', the first external SWF appears but starts looping which I turn off. I then test the buttons and each one works fine. However, will this opening external SWF keep looping once I upload to my website? How can I stop the opening swf from looping?

    Second question. Since I am only using Flash for this website, is there anything further that I need to do?

    I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance...

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    stop() and think about it for a minute, it's really simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaJonah
    stop() and think about it for a minute, it's really simple.

    I left a clue
    Well I guessed they'd be a stop () somewhere but it's 'the where' that I can't figure out.
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    at the end of the animation, youd have to tell it to stop.

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    There is a stop() at the midframe once the annimation ends. As I've said, it works fine except when i go 'test movie' and this opening swf keeps looping.

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    Could you post us a link to the SWF or FLA?

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    are u doing stop on the frame or on the animation, you should do i on the frame
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    Yeah, it is sounding like maybe you forgot the stop() action at the end of the main (_root) timeline.

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    I've built my website using the concept of transitions between external swf's


    I can't see any other reference to stops().

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    Looping occurs in the absense of a stop() action somewhere.

    Can you post your SWF and/or FLA here so we can take a look?

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    I'm just in the process of organising some webspace and domain name to uplink and then I can post.

    Maybe you can explain why is it that if I go Control> Check Movie ....(exporting Flash movie).....and then Control> Loop (uncheck) it stops. What is the purpose of this check/uncheck Loop?

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    I have no idea what that is for, but you really should not use it. Just learn to control your movies with ActionScript.

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    That option is there if you have no stop() action on the main timeline.

    You can post your SWF and/or FLA here as well. Just attach it.

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    Guys, I've (or rather you've) cracked it! You were quite correct. I put a stop() on the main timeline where I thought it had to go and magically it did the trick. Sincere apologies for testing your patience. Very much appreciated nonetheless.

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    No problem. For future use, attach a copy of your FLA in your post for an even faster fix.

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