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Thread: chappelle's show season 3

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    chappelle's show season 3

    anyone catch the 1st episode last night?

    it was really funny if you can try and catch the replay

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    CRAP that was season 3, D'oh I wasn't paying attention it was good for the parts I saw.

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    uTorrent ETA - 1hr. Can't friggin wait.

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    I Survived Abortion
    Guess what *****es, when I wake up tomorrow, I'll be watching episode 2&3!


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    I saw it. The 2pac skit was freaking hilarious. Too bad he's left the show though.
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    How 'bout that new Tupac?

    "I wrote this song a long time ago... ... in '94"

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    I saw that online yesterday was laughing hard.


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    Isnt it called the lost episodes?

    But anyways, I was watching it last night not realizing it was new. Funny stuff dave is the man...

    Anyone know when the next season of boondocks is premiering? Thats the best cartoon show ever. I dont watch any other cartoons.

    *NVM winter 2006.
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    I still say Mind of Mencia owns The "LOST" episodes of Chapelles show

    but that Tupac skit was great

    some of his jokes are just way too sick...

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    Don't even get me started on Mencia... hate that guy.

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    How can you hate him? Don't say because he makes fun of your race...

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    ^ OUCH! lol.

    This guy is the sh*t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niraj
    How can you hate him? Don't say because he makes fun of your race...
    Let's just say I liked Carlos Mencia when he was called George Lopez.

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