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Thread: Animated Symbol Outline/Stroke

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    Animated Symbol Outline/Stroke

    Is it possible to add a stroke/outline to a symbol?

    I am doing some character animation (for example a "walk cycle" symbol), and am looking to create a thicker outline around the symbol. I can't just draw the objects inside the symbol with a thicker stroke, as the outline only needs to be thicker when objects are outside the character.

    For example, normally the character's arm would have a thick outline, but as it moves in front of the body the outline becomes thinner.

    If you've seen the cartoon "Billy & Mandy" you know what i'm talking about:



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    In Flash 8 you can add all kinds of filters to movieclips.
    You can add a outer-glow filter to your character and set its strength to 1000%.

    But for 2004....
    Yeah, maybe you could place the same movieclip in a layer underneath the normal one. Then scale it up and set its brightness to -100%
    This way you should have a nice animated border, but I think it will be hard to scale it so that it fits perfectly..

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    yeah, scaling a duplicate doesn't work well.. i've tried this for other things, and you're right about it not matching up uniformly.

    looks like i'm off to get Flash 8 ! that sounds perfect!

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