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Thread: Quick question, i need to make an online store, but what should i use?

  1. Quick question, i need to make an online store, but what should i use?

    I need it to be easy to use, simple, very secure and protected, trustworthy, and easily updatable. Basically, i rather not have some free store that you manage on your own because the client can't do that if they aren't computer savvy. You know?

    Anyway, i was looking into yahoo store and its customizable and trustworthy from what i have heard but it costs $30/month. This is okay for me because i am not paying, but if there are better ones that cost less i rather choose to use that. And another thing, how does the client recieve the money through the store from customers? Is it connected with paypal or do they use bank account information or creditcard info..

    Please let me know if you have any information or comments about this. I need feedback fairly quickly with in 1-2hours because i have a meeting with them in 2.25 hours lol

    Anywho, thanks for your comments!

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    haven't looked on there for a store in particular but try


    I usually find a lot of useful code snippets & share/freeware applications on there...I'm sure you'll find something on there

    let us know how it goes
    now with blog, click here

  3. Hmm, well i looked there and i need something a bit more dedicated to a store instead of something i make on my own.. THe client will be selling a few CD's so its nothing really that big so i dont want to have them spend $30/month on yahoo store when they don't have much to sell in the first place.

    Now does Paypal have a store or store function that is easy to use and cheap?
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    Check e-commerce at opensourcecms

    Don't know about paypal, sorry.

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